Architectural Review Committee

Great southern towns and neighborhoods share a sense of community that is developed from careful planning, a rich natural environment, and responsible architectural models. At Currahee Club, simple truths are regarded as requirements to create a new community with traditional southern charm.

For a community to evolve from a naturally beautiful piece of land adds to the character of the place in an immeasurable way. This provides great challenges and opportunities for the developers, owners, planners, builders, and architects to be met with creativity and compassion. It is their duty to create a significant community through careful planning, design, and attention to detail, which will thrive harmoniously with various social and individual activities.

Removed from the constraints of a strict urban plan, we will achieve unity through the careful arrangement of homes along winding streets, between wooded sanctuaries, waterfronts, a golf course and expansive views. The backdrop of the mountains, golf, lake, and forest set the stage for a community nestled in its surroundings.

Country living has evolved from the most remote rural settings into what is now a cultural identity centered on leisure activities, dress, and state of mind. This mindset can be found within small towns, pockets of cities, and is almost always set around a country club. What brings this lifestyle to fruition is ultimately the design intent on which it is founded. We all strive to provide such a place with amenities that will truly set Currahee Club apart.

The goal is to enhance the quality of life where architecture and planning are instruments used to promote a truly exceptional social environment.