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Currahee is Set Apart

Ask any Member and you will hear the same response: what sets Currahee apart are the people. It is a place where your neighbors feel like family and the staff like friends. Currahee Club encourages new members and property owners to get involved in any one of the many social events and activities to connect with members who share your common interests and passions. Grab your racquet and join a ladies’ tennis match. Put on your work boots to help fellow members tackle community outreach projects. Attend Friday’s Out with Anne to see what’s new outside the gates. Pick up the latest best seller and join the Currahee Book Club. All it takes is one event and you will see for yourself why Currahee is a place like no other.
“Currahee Club is an extended family. There are great people who live here. A house, community or golf course without good neighbors is nothing desirable. However, the people in and around Currahee make every effort to be inclusive, making it a great place to live and play.”
Vachel and Shirley Pennebaker

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We Love Currahee. Hear from Our Members.

Attend Friday’s Out with Anne to see what’s new outside the gates.
Join Currahee Club ladies for one of the many Women’s Club activities.
Be inspired with brush, paints and canvas at Art with Autumn.
Add your favorite family recipe to the Currahee Women’s Club Cookbook – Currahee Cooks.
Connect with new and seasoned members alike at the monthly Meet Your Neighbors gathering.