Gotham GolfTrain Academy at Currahee

Building Relationships Through Service and Coaching

Golf is about elevating the human spirit. Making a short putt has the same shot value as a long drive.

We believe all successful shots should be cheered.

The Gotham GolfTrain Academy at Currahee is outfitted with some of the most advanced diagnostic tools available. We maintain working relationships with leading golf equipment manufacturers for educational, testing and club fitting purposes.

Additionally, the student and coach each have responsibilities in the pursuit of meeting the student’s goals. The coach will seek to understand the goals of each student, patiently guiding them on their journey through a systematic, yet individualized approach. To achieve a paced rate of improvement, each student will need to spend adequate time rehearsing drills and prescribed techniques in between coached sessions.

With a focus on continued education of the Academy staff, we will be at the forefront for creating memorable golf learning experiences. As always, golf does not know how young or old we are. Each of us has a skill or something to offer back to this great game. As in life, when golf is treated with a spirit of gentle kindness, you can be rewarded in ways you could have never imagined.

“All Aboard”

Golf Academy Fee Structure

One Hour Individual Lesson……………. $100
One Hour Semi-Individual Lesson (2 Students) …………. $150
Two Hour Individual Lesson……………. $185
(4) One Hour Individual Lessons Package……………………. $360
(10) One Hour Individual Lessons Package…………………. $700
(3) One Hour Individual Lessons per Month for One Year…… $2,000
One Hour Junior Individual Lesson (age 13 and under) ………. $75

Group Clinics or Multi-Day Stay, Play, and Learn programs are customizable for families and friends, corporate team building, client appreciation, civic organizations, or the group of your choice.

Golf Academy Clinics

Please check back for information on upcoming golf clinics available through the Gotham GolfTrain Academy at Currahee Club.

Jeff Gotham, PGA

Golf Academy Director, Gotham GolfTrain at Currahee

Golf Academy Director, Jeff Gotham, doesn’t believe in reinventing the golf swing for every player. He says, “When a student understands their natural movement patterns, they can learn, own and repeat an athletically efficient golf swing.” The ease of Jeff’s teaching style, along with his award-winning club fitting skills, make him the perfect choice to run the Golf Academy at Currahee Club. Golf is ultimately a “feel” game. However, we have technology and data collection tools that help us guide a player through a full range of discoveries from short game to full swing. By creating a fun and positive environment, all age groups and ability levels can look forward to developing their own sets of skills.

During his career, Jeff has written a number of articles for a variety of publications, been awarded for his efforts in education and club fitting, and been recognized by industry leaders for his instructional, equipment, and player development expertise. He also hosted a locally televised golf instruction show for several years. Jeff loves the game of golf. He recognizes how often golf rules and life rules are synonymous. Playing consistently good golf requires a healthy spirit, faith in our abilities, humility in victory, and grace in defeat.

Don’t come just for a golf lesson, come for the Experience!


“After my first lesson with Jeff and only one practice session, I played 18 holes of golf.  I did not hit one bad or ugly shot the entire round. All shots were solidly struck with more than a few shots that could be considered exceptionally good. The confidence that I have gained in such a short time is amazing”.

Mike Bishop, PGA Professional

“Jeff’s personalized follow-up videos are spot on.  It is amazing to view my before and after movement patterns, hearing his reminder tips, and seeing the improvements.  His explanations are easy to understand and make so much sense. It appears that I have gained a full club of distance with my irons in just two lessons. I have especially enjoyed practicing “with a purpose”.

Mike Bishop, PGA Professional

“I have known Jeff Gotham for over 15 years. During that time, he has assisted me and my son with golf instruction. I have found Jeff to be a complete instructor in all facets of the game: full swing, short game, course management, mental outlook, fitness and equipment. I highly recommend him for players of all handicaps”.

Ken Whitley

“Jeff has always had a natural gift for teaching and coaching the game of golf.  Most recently, he has rekindled my spirit for the joy and pursuit of the great game I have always loved.  His ability to diagnose my flaws and match an improvement strategy is most always spot on!  I have recently sought out Jeff once again to resurrect my game.  With his guidance, I am now playing my best at the age of 57.  I more than recommend Jeff for his expert guidance and commitment to help all golfers experience the game like never before.  Do not miss out.  Jeff is unique.  He is very accomplished, kind and sincere”.

Jim Wilson, PGA Professional

“Jeff is a gifted teacher.  His creative and individualized approach to explaining the fundamentals of the golf swing have helped me tremendously. His positivity is contagious and greatly helps with the frustrations of being new to golf.
The Ladies clinics Jeff has created at Currahee are lots of fun, as well.  As a result, we have more ladies than ever playing in our organization”.

Colleen Sobel, Currahee Member

“Golf instruction from Jeff Gotham has greatly surpassed all my expectations.  He is kind, patient, knowledgeable, and creative.  He has not tried to give me a “cookie-cutter” perfect swing.  He took me from where I was and built a swing which fit my specific abilities.  I now have a solid golf foundation that will last a lifetime”.

Dr. Michael Lee, DMD

“We would like to thank Jeff Gotham for sparking a new excitement around golf in our family! Our family has a range of experience and years in the game.  His talent and insightfulness as a teacher and coach allows us to zero in on improvements specific to each of us.  These skills brought immediate success and joy to our individual golf games. We are all anxious to get back out on the course and implement our new skills”.

Marty and Shirley Hill, Currahee Members