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Championship Tees
Member Tees

Championship Tees
Member Tees

Jim Fazio

Course Record
Shot by Lee McCoy
June 27, 2014
9 birdies | 1 eagle


2018 — Golf Club of the Year, Lux Life Magazine
2018 — Top 100 Residential Courses in America, Golfweek
2017 — Top 100 Residential Courses in America, Golfweek
2016 — Top 100 Residential Courses in America, Golfweek
2015 – Top 100 Residential Courses in America, Golfweek
2015 — #1 Golf Club in Georgia, Top 4 USA, National Golf Course Owners Association
2015 – Best for Club Life, LINKS Magazine
2013 – Best 1000 Golf Courses Worldwide, Rolex
2013 – Top 10 Courses to Play Before You Die, Golf Digest


Drawing upon its rich local heritage and picturesque landscape, the Currahee Club golf course is private, unspoiled and uncrowded, the way golf was meant to be played. The 18-hole, Jim Fazio-designed masterpiece is a spectacular centerpiece to this extraordinary community.

Currahee Golf Hole 4

Hole #4

Tucked away #4 plays uphill all the way. Take enough club to reach the green and remember that right is better than left around the green. 130 Yds, Par 3

Currahee Golf Hole 5


Hole #5

The downhill tee shot makes this look like a birdie hole. Going for the green in two or a misplaced lay-up into one of the bunkers protecting the approach can turn birdie into something much bigger. 497 Yds, Par 5

Currahee Golf Hole 6

Hole #6

The shortest par 4 on the course, you can take your chances and hit your tee shot close to the green or play to the widest part of the fairway and still have a short approach to the peninsula green. 346 Yds, Par 4

Currahee Golf Hole 7

Hole #7

What you see is not necessarily what you get on the #1 handicap hole. It appears you can cut the corner on this dogleg right par 4. However, there are hidden dilemmas just around the corner. Be sure to find the fairway to take advantage of your strokes! 394 Yds, Par 4
Currahee Golf Hole 8

Hole #8

A well-placed tee shot on this dogleg left par 4 leaves an uphill approach that needs to travel more than you think, beware of the false front. 372 Yds, Par 4

Currahee Golf Hole 9

Hole #9

Safe off the tee leaves a playable approach from a level lie to a two-tiered green. Make sure you find the right level for a makeable birdie putt. 403 Yds, Par 4

currahee golf club hole 10


Hole #10

Take advantage of the wide fairway to get into position for your second on this dogleg left par 5. The views will take your breath away as well as your focus. Trust the yardage and layup for a short third. 523 Yds, Par 5

Currahee Golf Hole 11

Hole #11

The water on the right may fool you into playing down the left. The right side is best so you can see the flag. Too far left and it’s a blind second to a two-section green. Be sure to find the proper section or you can have a really fun putt. A par 4 is a good score. You’ll have to see this one for yourself! 377 Yds, Par 4

Currahee Golf Hole 12

Hole #12

Birdies or bogies on this mid-length par 3. Hit the proper spot and you can make a one. Miss the slope and three putts may be the best you can do! 166 Yds, Par 3

Currahee Golf Hole 13


Hole #13

Have you ever played a hole that you forgot what it looked like because of the views around it. This difficult uphill par 4 will leave you speechless from the views and scratching your head trying to figure out how to make a 4. 397 Yds, Par 4

Currahee Golf Hole 14


Hole #14

Two fairways make for a big decision. Pick the proper side and enjoy a second shot to the green. Indecision will get you into a spot in between them that’s hard to escape. This straight away par 4 is full of choices. 385 Yds, Par 4

Currahee Golf Hole 15


Hole #15

If you go up the mountain you have to get down, this little par 4 is your escape. Be mindful of the tee shot. Get it in play and have a great chance to score. A little too far right and you will be blocked out and par is not in the equation. You’ll have to see this one for yourself! 370 Yds

Currahee Golf Hole 16


Hole #16

Take your chances off the tee to find the narrow part of the fairway and try and get home on this dogleg right par 5. Deep bunkers await the mishit approach, a well-placed lay-up can produce an easier par to the blind hole location. Come see for yourself and while you’re here enjoy dinner and a cocktail at the Clubhouse! 473 Yds, Par 5
Currahee Golf Hole 17

Hole #17

You wouldn’t believe it if I told you! Total: 178 Yds, Par 3

Currahee Golf Hole 18

Hole #18

Take plenty of extra club to get to the green on this uphill finisher. Trust me you need a lot more than you think! 390 Yds, Par 4

The Architect

Taking advantage of the natural contours of the land, acclaimed golf course architect Jim Fazio succeeded in crafting a 7,513-yard championship golf course that plays even better than it looks. Boasting astonishing 360-degree panoramic views with four states seen from a single tee box, the world-class Jim Fazio golf course features rolling fairways, dramatic elevation changes and generous sloping greens.

The Clubhouse

Our 48,000-square foot, mountain-chic clubhouse is the focal point of club life for our members. Featuring all the amenities you expect of one of the area’s top golf club communities, the Currahee Clubhouse is unlike any other, situated on one of the highest points in the community with panoramic views over Lake Hartwell.

The Scorecard

Playable for all skill levels with at least five tee boxes on every hole, this stunning golf course lives up to the community name, Currahee — a Cherokee word meaning “stand alone.”